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Welcome to Bubs Restraint Fitters

little sister to the family friendly cab service... Bubs Taxi


About us


In addition to our original Bubs Taxi service, we also provide a mobile child restraint fitting service in the Sydney metro areas. We have a specialised team who are certified to install child car seats in your vehicle and what’s more exciting, is that we come to you. 

Our qualified team is now ready to come to you and have experience in installing or adjusting all types of capsules, baby seats, infant seat, child seats and booster seats.


All our child restraint fitters are trained and certified by ACRI and Mobility Engineering which is a nationally recognised organisation. 


Unlike others, after every installation/adjustment/inspection, we educate parents on the importance of the usage and maintenance of the child seat.


We not only have extensive knowledge and experience with installations, all our certified installers have worked within our sister business; Bubs Taxi, as a driver transporting families with children from point A to point B. This has allowed an extensive knowledge on the importance and safety aspect for children travelling in vehicles.


We focus on the quality of the work rather than the quantity of seats we try to install per day.

Most importantly... the safety of your children is our number one priority.

How are we different to other child restraint fitters?


Did you know why its important to have your child seat fitted by a professional?

Although most parents are using the right seat for their child these days, the majority of parents have trouble ensuring the seat is installed or adjusted correctly.

About 70% of child restraints aren’t properly installed. Using a certified fitter for installing and guiding you in the proper use of restraints will help to keep your child safe in the case of a road accident. Road accidents are a leading cause of child death in Australia.

A study by Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) found that at least 90 per cent of parents made mistakes when they were watched attempting to correctly fit and install a child-sized mannequin in a rear-facing restraint.

A correctly fitted child car restraint, appropriate for the child’s age and size, can reduce the risk of serious injury or death in road crashes. Make sure you have your child restraint fitted BEFORE the due date of your child’s birth.

Don't put off ensuring that your child is as safe as they can possibly be. An hour of your time is all it takes for your peace of mind that your most precious cargo is safe. Call or book today, same day service available!